This page contains a list of researchers involved in computational ethnomusicology. If you are working in the field and would like to be included in this list, sign up here. If you wish to remove or modify your entry, please send an email to nkroher at us dot es.

Ruard Absaroka
SOAS, University of London
Keywords: Ethnomusicology, Audio Signal Analysis, China, Timbre Analysis, Graphic Visualisation

Massimo Vito Avantaggiato
Conservatorio Verdi Milano
Keywords: electronic music; indian music; computational ethnomusicology; composition; tradition

Pierre Beauguitte
Dublin Institute of Technology
Keywords: Music information retrieval, Irish traditional music, pattern recognition, machine learning

Dániel Péter Biró
University of Victoria
Keywords: Chant research, history of Ethnomusicology

Baris Bozkurt
University of Crete
Keywords: Audio signal processing, makam music, tuning, melodic segmentation and progression

José-Miguel Díaz-Báñez
University of Seville
Keywords: Flamenco, computational geometry, geometric optimisation, mathematics and music

Michael Frishkopf
University of Alberta
Keywords: machine learning, social network analysis, cantometrics, music information retrieval

André Holzapfel
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Keywords: Cretan music, Rhythm and Meter, Music Information Retrieval, Ethnomusicology

Berit Janssen
Utrecht University
Keywords: computational musicology; musical transmission; musical evolution; music cognition

Nadine Kroher
University of Seville
Keywords: Music Information Retrieval, Flamenco, Automatic Music Transcription, Pattern Discovery

Olivier Lartillot
University of Oslo
Keywords: computational musicology, Music Information Retrieval, pattern discovery, audio signal processing, analysis frameworks

Matija Marolt
University of Ljubljana
Keywords: Music Information Retrieval, Audio Segmentation, Music Transcription, Pattern Discovery, Visualization

Meinard Mueller
International Audio Laboratories Erlangen
Keywords: Music Processing, Music Information Retrieval, Audio Signal Processing

Aggelos Pikrakis
University of Piraeus
Keywords: Music Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Audio signal processing, Pattern recognition

Friedlind Riedel
Bauhaus University Weimar
Keywords: music studies, audio-signal analysis, timbre analysis, Myanmar Hsaing Waing, heterophonic music

Frank Scherbaum
University of Potsdam
Keywords: Georgian vocal music; computational ethnomusicology

Jürgen Schöpf
La Trobe University, Bundoora, Australia
Keywords: Acoustic Analysis, Software aided Transcription, Field Experiments

Bob L. Sturm
Queen Mary University of London
Keywords: Music Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Audio signal processing, Evaluation

Anja Volk
Utrecht University
Keywords: Computational Musicology, Music Information Retrieval, pattern discovery, music similarity, rhythm/meter

Richard Widdess
Dept of Music, SOAS University of London
Keywords: South Asian music, music analysis, music and language


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